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LIA's Assignment

Have you ever heard how deep is your love, i' m yours and you belong with me ? If your hobby is listening to music, of course you know all those songs. Music is something that makes our life more colorful. Many musicians created a lot of songs with a lot of meaning. With songs, we can laugh, we can cry, and maybe we can have spirit. Yes, songs can help us express what we can not express in words. For some people, listening to music become a very pleasant thing. Moreover, today we can use high technology which allows us to listen to different types of music and songs. Can you imagine living in a world without music ? It would be very bored, quiet and no entertainment. And do you know? Listening to music is a fun activity that gives us many benefits.
Listening to the right kind of music is one of the most effective ways to relax your mind and reduce your stress. Everyone likes different kinds of music. Someone likes rock music and the others like pop music. And maybe there are somebody likes jazz, hip hop, heavy metal, reggae, or dangdut. People who have high levels of stress can try listening to music. Especially the kind of music they like. But if you are in the top of stress, I suggest you to listen to slow music or soft instrumental music, because kind of music like that, can make our heart and our mind feel relax.

A research concludes that by listening to music can relieve various diseases. Music is an amazing pain killer. Studies have shown that listening to many types of music can reduce chronic pain. Music can really have a positive impact for patient with long term effects, such as heart attack, cancer, and respiration disease. A lot of experiments have shown that music can help reduce that heartbeat, blood pressure, and help relieve the pain. Researchers suggest that people who enjoy listening to music have reduced depression and can control their pain.

The other advantages of listening to music is it gives us motivation. Some musicians create some songs with meaningful lyrics. They create songs like that to give us motivation. An example is when we are in ceremony, we usually sing a national song. For example we sing Maju Tak Gentar. This song give us motivation for always hold our country from colonizer. The other song is Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke. This song describes us about the beauty of our country that consists of many islands, from Sabang until Merauke. But although separated by ocean, our country is still one unity, namely Republic of Indonesia. We can feel our soul when we sing that songs become very excited and motivated. We can become more patriotic, nationalist and love our country. For teenager, there are many bands that create the songs that have special meaning to give us spirit. The example is Nidji with their song Laskar Pelangi. This song tells the story about a group of children who have a dream and they try to make it happen in reality. So through this song we invite to have a big dream and do not be afraid to dream.

One of the famous musician who has created many songs is Jason Mraz. He was born on June 23rd 1973 with a real name Jason Thomas Mraz. With a musical style blend of reggae, pop, rock, jazz and hip hop musics, makes Jason Mraz become a popular singer in the world. He is the descendant of Ceko musician from Virginia. He produces his first single song The Remedy. But the most popular song is Lucky. A lot of people like this song because this song tells us about friendship that turned into love. The other singer who creates many songs is Taylor Swift. she is an American. She was born in Pennsylvania, on December 3rd 1989. She is a singer in genre country pop. The most popular song is Back to December.

And how about Indonesia ? Of course, there are so many talented musicians, on of the most legendary musicians is Chrisye. He is a singer and a song writer. He created many songs with meaningful lyrics. His songs are so legendary, such as Lirih, Sabda Alam, Lilin lilin Kecil, Kangen, and many more. A sad news for all , we heard in August 2005. Chrisye was diagnosed by lung cancer. So he should full rested of all the activities performed. Both in the studio and the stage. after 2 years he against the illness, Chrisye finally died on Friday, March 30th 2007. The other talented singer from Indonesia is Gita Gutawa. She is a daughter of Erwin Gutawa. Her full name is Aluna Sagita Gutawa. Studied music since 2nd grade elementary school, Gita has a sopran voice. She is good at classic pop genre music. Before she launching her selftitled album, gita gutawa known as a singer who duet with Ada Band, with the song Yang Terbaik Bagimu. This song becomes hits in the album Heaven of Love and successfully sold over 80 thousand copies. It brings Donny Ada Band and Gita as The best duet nomination category in AMI Pop Awards.

In short, music makes our life more colorful and beautiful. Music help us to show our feeling. With music we can reduce our stress, and sometimes it can give us motivation. Actually, listening to music is a fun activity that gives us many benefits. To relieve stress, let’s listen to music. A simple activity but give us many benefits.

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